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When a couple with one, or more children, decides to separate, both parties may want to consider retaining a child support attorney. Boston area residents facing probate court in Massachusetts should not hesitate to contact the office of Mikowski & Leonard, LLC. We are a Boston based law firm that focuses on a select set of Massachusetts laws and litigation proceedings, including family law. When parents are no longer living together and functioning as a single unit, it is important to provide guidelines and protection to each individual to ensure that financial and other parental obligations are still met. The attorneys at Mikowski & Leonard, LLC have represented a number of clients in child support cases, both mothers and fathers, as well as custodial and non-custodial. We are known for our attentive, caring representation and our comprehensive understanding of family and probate law.

Enforce Support with a Child Support Attorney in Boston

In Massachusetts there are a number of laws designed to ensure that parents contribute to the support of their children. Regardless of the situation, the custodial parent has a right to claim financial support from the non-custodial parent legally through a binding agreement. Ryan Leonard is highly experienced in matters of family law including child custody and support cases. As an attorney who has represented both sides of child support cases, he has unique perspectives on the counter requests and expectations of both the custodial and non-custodial parents. Here at Mikowski & Leonard, LLC, we work diligently to provide our clients with attentive service and continuous accessibility to ensure they receive the best available representation from their dedicated child support attorney. Boston area residents in need of a family lawyer can contact our office to discuss the case in a free, no obligation, thirty-minute consultation.

A Child Support Attorney in Boston Who Knows the System

The amount of child support a person is required to pay depends on a variety of factors that are taken into consideration. Factors such as parental income, the age of their children, dental and health insurance providers, alimony, custodial rights and other child support orders are all important baselines for determining child support agreements. Whether you are seeking child support, or preparing to make an arrangement for your child support obligations, we highly recommend going into negotiations with a child support attorney. Boston parents involved is custodial and child support cases can trust that the attorneys at Mikowski & Leonard, LLC understand the toll child support cases can take on individuals, which is why we offer the kind of caring guidance and legal representation our clients can rely on.

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Learn more about what child support cases involve, and how we can help you by calling our office today to schedule your free, half hour consultation. We are here to help you navigate the waters of child support laws and custodial rights. For the child support attorney Boston area residents can trust, call Mikowski & Leonard, LLC at (617) 651-1150.

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