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When searching for a reliable, knowledgeable patent attorney, Boston area innovators can call on the professional legal team at Mikowski & Leonard, LLC. We are a boutique law firm based out of Boston, and dedicated to providing comprehensive legal representation for a select group of legal situations, including patents. Partner, Justin Mikowski, is a registered patent attorney who was registered before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and is also a member of both the Boston and Massachusetts Bar Associations. Attorney Mikowski assists clients seeking legal representation for patent matters such as patent protection, strategies to monetize patents, and infringement suits on both the plaintiff and defendant sides. When it comes to retaining a patent attorney, Boston area residents can turn to Mikowski & Leonard, LLC for the type of coverage they can feel confident about.

Justin Mikowski: A Registered Patent Attorney in Boston

As a registered patent attorney, Boston based, Justin Mikowski has a large network of patent agents who are available to help his clients consult in a number of specific areas. Ensure patent protection for your ideas and/ or those of your business with a reliable, dedicated attorney. Regardless of what or why you are seeking a patent attorney, Mikowski & Leonard, LLC can provide you with the representation and communication you should expect, and deserve. As a Mikowski & Leonard, LLC client, you can rest assured you will always be the number one priority. That means we will always make it a point to communicate with you when you need us. For a patent attorney Boston businesses and individuals alike can rely on for detail-oriented service, contact Mikowski & Leonard, LLC right away!

A Patent Attorney Boston Innovators Turn to For Comprehensive Counsel

When you retain the patent attorneys at Mikowski & Leonard LLC, we will get to work right away, ensuring your patent is processed as quickly as possible. Our first order of business will be to do a comprehensive search for similar products and inventions that have been patented. This is known as a “prior art search”, and is intended to find similar inventions that might inhibit your pursuit of a patent. Our prior art search process is highly recommended to all of our patent clients, and is provided with a flat fee and normally a one week deadline. Upon completion of the prior art search, we begin planning which route is best to take to patent your invention.

Be Wary of Discount Patent Services - Contact a Patent Attorney in Boston Instead

The legal team at Mikowski & Leonard, LLC advises our clients to always be careful with patent services that claim to help file for a patent without offering a prior art search. Acquiring a patent for your business or invention is an important part of ensuring the success of your future endeavors. Don’t leave patent services in the hands of anyone other than a comprehensive patent attorney. Boston businesses and innovators can contact Mikowski & Leonard, LLC to begin the process to properly and securely obtaining a steadfast patent. For a free, initial half hour consultation, contact our office today at (617) 651-1150. Mikowski & Leonard, LLC offers an unbeatable selection of patent services including prior art searches, provisional patents, utility patents, design patents, and more. Ensure the success of any product or invention by hiring the patent attorney Boston businesses and individuals can rely on for anything regarding Patent Law.

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