Patent Lawyer Boston

The patent lawyer Boston businesses and inventors can rely on for a wide range of patent services is at Mikowski & Leonard, LLC. As a partner at Mikowski & Leonard, LLC, Justin Mikowski brings our patent services the kind of attention to detail and thorough understanding clients can trust and rely on. Justin Mikowski is a licensed patent attorney, who was registered before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). We are proud to offer a full suite of patent services including prior art searches, patent protection, patent monetization, and infringement suits on both the plaintiff and defendant sides. With our dedicated attorneys and comprehensive understanding of patent laws and best practices, when you choose to retain Mikowski & Leonard, LLC as your patent lawyer in Boston, you will gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing the lawyers are on your side.

Looking to Patent Your Invention? Hire a Patent Lawyer in Boston

If you are looking to secure a patent for your own invention, or for your business, the detail-oriented attorneys at Mikowski & Leonard, LLC will be happy to discuss your options in detail, and begin the process right away. We provide all of our valued clients with a free half hour consultation before proceeding with any of our services. Should you choose to retain the experienced attorneys at Mikowski & Leonard, LLC for any of our patent services, we will then get to work right away ensuring your case is handled as thoroughly and as quickly as possible. For clients looking to secure a patent, we always recommend “prior art searches”, in which our legal team will perform a comprehensive search for other inventions and products like yours that have already been patented. This will help to map out the best course of action and next steps towards securing your patent.

Secure Your Intellectual Property With A Patent Lawyer in Boston

Secure your invention and/ or business with the help of a registered patent lawyer. Boston businesses and individuals alike can rest easy knowing their patent needs are securely in the hands of the lawyers at Mikowski & Leonard, LLC. Founding partners Justin Mikowski and Ryan Leonard are both members of the Boston and Massachusetts Bar Associations, and work continuously to ensure our clients always receive impressive legal guidance and representation, at the most competitive prices. We urge our clients seeking patent services to avoid gimmicky offers that don’t include prior art searches or patent protections. For a reliable patent lawyer, Boston area businesses and individuals should turn to Mikowski & Leonard, LLC.

The Patent Lawyer Boston Relies On

If you’re interested in obtaining a patent, don’t let another day go by! Once you decide to move forward with acquiring a patent, we can use our extensive resources and understanding of patent laws to help advise you and/ or your business as to what the best steps are to take moving forward. Of course, securing the future of your business and success of the invention you are looking to patent all begins with a free, thirty-minute consultation with the patent lawyers at Mikowski & Leonard, LLC in Boston. The patent lawyer Boston businesses and individuals can rely on for the most comprehensive suite of patent services is waiting to hear from you; call Mikowski & Leonard, LLC today at (617) 651-1150.

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